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March 24, 2010 / theoldsilly

Hilarious Hump Day – Run For Your Life!

Two guys, not really close friends, but who share a zeal for hiking, decide to go deep into the woods for an afternoon of nature loving. Far from the dirt road where they parked, and a good hour into the hike, they enter an alcove and encounter a mother Grizly Bear who turns to them with a viscious snarl, motioning for her cubs to get back. She’s pawing the ground, growling and building her rage in a brief precursor to certain savage attack. The only way out is back the way they came.

One man, John, freezes in terror. Bob sits on a nearby tree stump, calmly but swiftly takes his hiking boots off, reaches into his backpack, pulls out running shoes and puts them on.

John says, incredulous, “What the heck’re you doing? There’s no way you can outrun a bear!”

Bob looks up at his hiking partner, shrugs and says, “I don’t have to outrun the bear. All’s I gotta do is outrun you.”


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  1. Elizabeth Spann Craig / Mar 24 2010 4:53 am

    Love it! Guess the bear will be too distracted to go after meal #2!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. tashabud / Mar 24 2010 5:51 am

    What a friend, eh? Some die trying to save you, and some leave you to die trying to save themselves. Bob definitely belongs to the latter.


  3. Jim Hansen / Mar 24 2010 6:06 am

    LMAO! Too funny – but also NOT! 😉

  4. Stanley Berber / Mar 24 2010 7:17 am

    Hoo-boy – now that’s COLD, man! LOL

  5. yvonne lewis / Mar 24 2010 9:19 am

    Lovely to have friends like that. still it takes all sorts.

    Have a good day.

  6. Cactus Annie / Mar 24 2010 10:07 am

    With friends like that – who needs enemies? LOL – good one, Old Silly! 😉

  7. Cathy Packer Chilson / Mar 24 2010 10:54 am

    I now understand why the first sentence includes the words “not really close friends”…
    I’m pretty sure I’d be the one that freezes up in that case. Then again, I’d never hike for an hour!!! (Ha!)

    • theoldsilly / Mar 24 2010 3:23 pm

      Ahh – I see YOU caught that, lol. The original joke told to me did not have that subtle inclusiong – nice catch, Cathy! 😉

  8. Elspeth Antonelli / Mar 24 2010 11:25 am

    It’s a classic. Thanks for the smile, Old SIlly.

  9. Mason Canyon / Mar 24 2010 11:31 am

    Always good to have a “friend” around when you run up on a bear. 🙂 Always enjoy Hilarious Hump Day here.

  10. Thelma Banks / Mar 24 2010 11:34 am

    I’d say they were “Bearly” friends, huh? LOL, good one, Old Silly! 🙂

  11. Arlee Bird / Mar 24 2010 11:55 am

    A story well told. It’s strange how we can laugh at jokes like this, when in reality the story could be quite horrifying. Sounds like the makings of a good story here. You could even go novel length on this one, dealing with the incident and the ensuing guilt. Damn!– I can’t even appreciate a joke without thinking about writing.

  12. Karen Walker / Mar 24 2010 12:05 pm

    Oy, makes me want toknow what my friends would do.

  13. L. Diane Wolfe / Mar 24 2010 1:47 pm

    That’s good Marvin!

  14. Leeuna / Mar 24 2010 2:15 pm

    That’s why I always go hiking in my best running shoes…and with a not so close friend. 🙂 Thanks for the chuckle, Marvin.

  15. Alex J. Cavanaugh / Mar 24 2010 2:15 pm

    I’d be putting on my running shoes, too!

  16. ReformingGeek / Mar 24 2010 3:07 pm

    Um, yeah…about that hiking trip in Alaska you suggested? I’ll pass. Thanks.

    • theoldsilly / Mar 24 2010 3:24 pm

      Are you kidding me, REffie? YOU are the triathlete, me – I’d be dead meat in a sitch like that. So. You’d best be taking me along on ANY of your wildlife excursions, hmm? 😉

  17. Galen Kindley / Mar 24 2010 4:28 pm

    THat’s quick thinking. You know, in my book #2, my protags have a confrontation with a bear! Yes, I know you’re dying to ask…they escape.

    Best, Galen

  18. Kissie / Mar 24 2010 9:59 pm

    Yeah, that’s pretty good. I’ll give it a 4.

    Now let me see what the ranting was about …..did I read that yet?

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