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March 24, 2011 / theoldsilly

Rant ‘n’ Stance – YOU Guys Drill For Oil, OK? We’ll Buy It From You!

I just filled up my gas tank. Eighty-plus samolas it cost me, on a 20-something gallon tank. Then I come home, flip on the telly to a news station, and I hear that Obama is underwriting the off-shore drilling for oil in Brazil. Giving them $2 BILLION dollars for starters.

Great. That’s just ducky, isn’t it?

Sure … you guys go ahead and drill for oil, we’ll subsidize the enterprise, and we’ll be your best customers. You take the risk–it’s okay, you’ll be fine, trust me–you produce the petrol, and we’ll not only pay to help you make it, we’ll also pay to buy it from you.

Has the “leadership” in this country gone mad?

We have enough oil buried within and around our borders here in the USA to provide enough petrolium to not only fuel all of our vehicles for an indefinitely long time, but also enough to export and make some money, for heaven’s sake!

But, nooooo … Obamababy, flip-flopping his way through his so-called “leadership” run of this country as usual, first campaigning against drilling, then rescinding on his campaign promise to allow domestic offshore drilling, then reversing policy again, puts a seven year moratorium on drilling anywhere in and around our homeland– and then what does he do?


Promptly proceeds to start funding the drilling for oil in other countries. It’s simple, simpleton madness. A business model that increases our dependence on foreign imports, decreases our homeland job opportunities, increases our national debt, and increases the economic viability and job opportunities abroad.

Beautiful. Just great, Pres, you’re doing your part, your very best, I know, to facilitate the New World Order. Take from the wealth of our nation, and distribute it across the planet, helping to usher in a global economy and planetary politics.

Watch. By this time next year, I’ll be ranting (if I’m still allowed free speech, which is becoming an increasingly unknown as to its longevity here in the once-brave land of the free) about having just filled up my gas tank to the tune of 100 “Ameros” …


… while on my way to join the other 33% of Americans in the unemployment line so I can collect my meager money and scrape together enough dough to catch a Greyhound bus to Brazil.

I hear they got some jobs down there.


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  1. Stanley Berber / Mar 24 2011 6:31 am

    Totally with ya dude – this is a rotten deal. Sucks big time.

  2. Marcus Franks / Mar 24 2011 10:51 am

    Yeah, dammit – I don’t like it anymore than you do!

  3. tashabud / Mar 24 2011 4:21 pm

    That’s just isn’t fair! I’m with you on this, Marvin. And, you’re right, there’s so much untapped oil in Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and the Dakotas. Drilling on-shore is also a lot safer than drilling off-shore.

  4. ReformingGeek / Mar 24 2011 8:59 pm

    I hear they need towel guys in Rio.

    You’d best work on that tan and tone-up for your Speedo.

  5. yvonne lewis / Mar 28 2011 1:56 am

    I don’t think I’d better comment on another county’s President, but I will say all politicians are the same, say one thing and mean another,



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