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Blog Awards

Here on this page I put all the wonderful awards that other esteemed blogging colleagues have bestowed upon the Old Silly and my blogs. If one or more of these seems a good fit for you and/or a blogger or 6 or 7 you know of, please feel free to grab the image(s), consider them awarded to you by yours truly and pass them to someone who is deserving!

Oh – and lots of them, especially the ones toward the top, you can click on the image and go to the special bloggy buddy who passed the award on to The Old Silly. My little way of giving back.

Who's AwesomeAward BlogosphereDragon's Loyalty Award

Award bloggy Love BearAward Brilliant Weblog

Award Crazy & Blond

Award Blogging StarAward Excellence in EntertainmentAward Butterflylemonade_1_1Award Friendly BloggerAward Friendship BlogAward I Love Your BlogAward PremioAward Premios DardoAward Soaring Eagle

Award Humane

award bingo beautifulAward Best BlogAward pay it forwardAward Helping Hands

Award 1 lovely blog

Award Superior ScribblerAward Kreativ Blogger

Now this next one (below) is especially special, because it was WON in an international voting popularity contest hosted by My Friend Amy’s Blog in the 2008 Brilliant Bloggers Awards Week. So no, you can’t have this one or pass it on (wink)-

BBAW Award 2008

And last but certainly not least – here’s one I’d LOVE for you to have if you are ready to come out of denial and admit your addiction to Marvin’s books and blogs. Wear this badge proudly upon your blog and admit to the entire Kingdom of Bloggydom that you are a Marvaholic! It’s the first all important step in recovery – nothing to be ashamed of, you have a disease, that’s all. Go ahead, grab the image and start out on the path of freedom from the deadly throes of your vice!

Marvaholics Anonymous Button



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  1. Andrew / Jul 20 2009 2:14 am

    Hi Marv,

    love the new look and the new name. Power within you brother.

  2. Crystal Clear Proofing / Aug 27 2009 3:20 pm

    Thank you so much for the Butterfly award! 😉
    I’ve grabbed one to pass along as well. It’s very generous of you to offer them to others. You truly have a brilliant, shining soul.

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