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SLM Organic Garden 2011

Here’s what the Old Silly’s been doing out in the back 40 all spring, summer and into deep fall … one of his all time favorite hobbies, organic gardening. Enjoy the photos, and comment, share your own gardening insights, whatever you like.








Shot of the asparagus beds just after planting the crowns 18″ deep with copious aged manure, compost, and wood ashes.


And no, this is not a spiritual forest on Pandora … this is that same asparagus bed on a dewey August morning, 3 months later.


Here’s a couple early July shots of the garden …

The trellises in the foreground are my zuchini plants, behind them are the multiple varieties of tomatoes

This shot’s actually earlier, probably mid-June? You can see the 6′ tall trellised and lined tomato bed, in the front is my starter-upper strawberry bed, between that bed and the tomatoes are the peppers, okra and eggplant, and hidden behind the tall stuff in the back are all kinds of cole crops, beans, squash, peas, cucumbers, onions, herbs, and sweet corn – which was about knee-high already.


Here’s some shots of the corn and broccoli-



And since by oh, about mid-July on, this is what has been a typical day’s bounty …

So there ya have it for now … I’ll add more pics as the season goes on, thanks for stopping by my garden!


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